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The Barn

Production:  Film Shoot from 15th to 19th April 2024

It was a chilly morning as the sun began to rise, the newly assembled crew arose to begin their adventure.  Their single most important challenge for the coming week.    Bleary eyed but itching for the chase.   The first time they had all come together.   All in one place and all at the same time.  To carry out their long-prepared mission.   

Carefully selected for their ninja skills, prowess and particularly for their passion for telling a good story with film and light, sound, costume and makeup, effects, props and period-accurate locations.  Everyone ready to give it their all, working together, solving problems and taking on new challenges.  To make this the best production.     


One by one their stealy transports rattled and rolled along the country lanes and finally on to location, to deliver their valuable cargos and skilled partisans.   Voices, creaky and yawning, quietly bid good morning.  Then, quenched with strong steamy coffee, tea, smoothies, cakes and Mars bars, they quietly hustled and bustled, preparing for that first penultimate moment - the first Take.  Lights and rigging clunk and roll in to place, cameras happily whir, microphones buzz and hiss, drones whirling and whizzing overhead.   And then the production's machinery slowly but magically appears, AD's, Camera teams, Producers, Set Designers, Gaffer and Sparky, Script folk and Runners,  pace quickens as their bodies tune in to the adrenaline pickup, and then the Director itching to go and buzzing from long hours of coffee and preparation. Checking the set and props, storyboard and schedule.  They jiggle and jive in to their positions. 


Costumes and makeup, a hive of activity back in the green room, carefully but speedily manouvre their pray, the actors, in to character dressed and ready for the day.   They have been here many times before.  Nonetheless they approach the day fresh faced, prepared and ready, and eager.     A different project, a different character with different words and actions, but nonetheless they have rehearsed and rehearsed, made new friends, and still in these final minutes before the first Take, they set about rehearsing once more. 


Then finally those inevitable but still epic words cut through the air:   'Quiet On Set', pause, then the 1st AD checks the room, then 'Mark It'.  The clapperboard swings and claps before the lens, 'Set' says the DoP.   The Director makes one last sweep with his head to check everyone is ready,  lighting good, sound good, camera good, actors good and ready, he turns his head forward, foccusing hard. Readying himself.   All the preparation this last 4 months has led to this.  Intense energy ripples through his body as he relaxes, ready to listen to every word, every syllable, every pause.  Ready to witness every emotion, every breath, every action unfold.             This is it ...

                                                                                                                                                                                                          ... and 'ACTION'.

The Barn

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 Copyright © 2024 Chichester Filmmakers 

The Barn, poster

Photo and poster designed and created by Jakub Bors (Drone Pilot and BTS Stills Photographer).

Ian Coulson (DoP) & Jonathan Brooker (Director)

Always found together on set collaborating and scheming to get the best shot, the best dialogue, the best light, the best coffee!! The eagle eyed, talented DoP, Ian Coulson, and the determined and inspiring Director, Jonathan Brooker. With Oliver Davies (1st AC, behind), and flanked by Gabbi Wolfe (2nd AC) and Eloise Rouse (Runner)

Warming up some lines

Coffee and warming up for the next scene. Hazel, Angela, Simon and Jonathan run through the next scene.

Timeout for The AD Team

Did you bring your sandwiches?

Wrap for Lena Richardson (Mary)

Wrap photo with the crew and our amazing Lena Richardson who played Mary, the 16th Century Farmer's Wife.

Thats a Wrap for Mark Newman (Odin) and Callum Madill (Father Eiren)

Wrap for Mark Newman (Odin) and Callum Madill (Father Eiren)

Wrap for Meg Birley & Peter McCrohon

Wrap photo with the crew and our amazing Meg Birley (Cecilia,14th Century Farmer's Wife) and Peter McCrohon (William, 14th Century Farmer).

Farmer Rehearsals

Thankyou Andy - Horse Wrangler, and Thor.

1952:  Lineup

Father Eiren (Callum Madill), Nurse Barbara (Cassandra Monteiro), Farmer Gerry (Stuart Barham), Estate Agent Michael (Paul Welch).

Wrapping with the ADs

Wrap with Mira El Bacha (1st AD) and Harry Norton (2nd AD)

Our beloved Land Rover Mk.I

A BIG Thank you to Pete 'the Landy' for the loan of your sparkyl green Land Rover

1st Unit Clapperboard

Ready For ACTION !!

Ready For Filming

Cowfold Barn - Weald & Downland Museum

B-Roll Clapperboard Ready

B-Roll Clapperboard Ready

Crunchy gravel, means treading lightly!!

The crew stands out of the way, so as not to sound like a garrison of marching soldiers as Ian and the team carefully shoot whilst stepping backwards.

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