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UPDATE:  Location Has Moved. See below

Event: Pre-Production Project Meeting for 'The Barn'
1:30pm, Saturday 27th January 2024

Join us for an exciting event at Chichester's Roussillon Park (details below).

This event is for anyone with a passion for making films and a hunger to learn.  We shall be reviewing team structure, the shoot, cast & crew, roles & responsibilities, goals & objectives, locations, wardrobe, logistics, funding.

After this meeting project information and updates will be published and kept up to date on our Facebook Group and via our website's members pages.

Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or just starting out, Chichester Film Makers offers a great opportunity to gain and develop new skills in the craft of film making, as well as ongoing networking, and to share your passion for the silver screen. You'll be working alongside professional crew, producers, film composers and actors, to support existing projects and produce new projects in 2024 with your name in the screen credits and, for some, the opportunity to bring your projects to film festivals around the UK.


Don't miss out on this fantastic gathering of creative minds. See you there!

Fill in your details below to reserve your seat for this event.

AGENDA (draft)

1:30pm     Welcome & Introduction

  • Storyline Summary

  • Status Update: Script / Locations / Costumes / Cast / Crew / Operations / Marketing & Support

  • Project Plan & Schedule (Pre-production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution)

  • Team (Roles filled, unfilled, hands up!!)

  • Content & Information

  • Health & Safety / Insurance

  • Challenges & Commitments

  • Next steps / meetings / work streams

  • Any Other Business (AOB)

  • Q&A

Location & Maps

The Community Hall,

Donegall Avenue,

Roussillon Park,

Chichester, West Sussex. 

PO19 6DF

see maps below for location & parking

Bus Service:  There is a public bus service that stops just outside the Community Hall on Broyle Road. A 2 minute walk from bus stop and around the corner to the Community Hall's front door.


Bus number 50 is recommended and runs hourly. Starting at Chichester Cathederal at 8 minutes past the hour from 7am.

The journey takes approxiamately 12 minutes.

Taxis can also be found at Chichester Cathederal and Chichester Station.

The bus timetable can be found here.

Parking: There is limited parking for vehicles at the venue.

However, there is a large car park nearby - 5 minutes walk, at the Chichester Rugby Club.

Please click and open the pdf document for details.

Roussillon Park.jpeg


Due to the number of overwhelming number of requested seat reservations, we have had to re-locate from Graylingwell Chapel to the nearby Community Hall.  A modern building, which can comfortably seat up to 60 people and still provides the projector and WiFi services we need to run this event. 

The Community Hall does have toilets and a kitchen from which we shall provide limited refreshments (teas, coffees etc).

We are so glad that this event has received so much positive support from the community and the film industry. 

Thank you !!

Please note: For future pre-production meetings, we shall attempt to hold these online, BUT there will be occassions when we shall need face to face meetings, such as for costume, props, location and initial photography etc.  Chichester Filmmakers is a privately funded, non-profit organisation and consequently we must be careful how we invest the limited funds.


Consequenty the number of attendees at future pre-production meetings may need to be restricted to assigned cast, crew, and production team.  That is, unless we find there is a happy desire by our membership to each pay a nominal fee of say £5-00 per event, towards the hire of larger venues.


To date, the founders of Chichester FIlmmakers have funded everything themselves. The group does not currently receive any public or private funding, except from our own pockets.  However, w that we have experienced the community's appetite for a Chichester Filmmakers group, we are now planning a Crowdfunding campaign for future film productions, and intend to apply for publicly available funding from a number of local charities and organisations as well as industry related funding, such as the British Film Institute (BFI).

Thank you for your support and for your passion for making films.

  The Community Hall, Donegall Avenue, Roussillon Park, Chichester, West Sussex.  PO19 6DF     

  Closest Car Park:      Rugby car park,  Wellington Road,  Chichester.  PO19 6BB     

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