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THE BARN:    Crew

Name:      Ryan Lackenby

Role(s) in The Barn:

  • Assistant Producer

  • Sparky

  • Grip

 Petrina Rodwell (Producer) - "As Assistant Producer during pre-production, Ryan assisted the production team and in particular Jonathan (Director) with deciding on the skills and crew that would be needed to shoot The Barn.  His invaluable experience with camera kit, lighting, rigging, grip and logistics really helped to push the project forward during the 2 months leading up to filming."   

My Favourte Films:

"It’s tough to pick my favourite film, I could say Goodfellas is an all-time classic, Die Hard for action-cinema, Oppenheimer for my most modern favourite, or even a small Irish independent film called Adam and Paul, that film is beautiful and tragic at the same time. "

Why do I like working in the film industry:
"Creating content, building worlds, developing characters, and telling stories are just amazing aspects of filmmaking that I get to do. Another thing is meeting new people and forming great relationships. Making films can be challenging and demanding but when we all work hard and achieve our goal there is no better feeling. You could say I enjoy working with people ‘in the trenches’. "

What would I like to do more of ?
"I’d love to be on set more often working with amazing people, it would be amazing to work alongside the crew from The Barn again as I loved everyone there. Even though we only worked together for a week I felt like I knew these people for years. So I want to be on set again, and hopefully, it’ll be my set next time."


What genres interest me the most
"I grew up watching action films and all their sub-genres with my Grandad when I was a kid, therefore I would say the action is the genre that mostly appeals to me. Additionally, as it can relate to action, I would say military-themed genres interest me, especially in today's global environment.  Seeing characters react and survive in a war-torn environment is very compelling to me, it shows what effects war has on a person both good and bad."


BTS Photo courtesy of Issie Collier

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