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PreProduction visit to the Weald & Downland Museum, 7th March 2024

Thursday 7th March 2024:  The cast met at  the Weald & Downland Museum, near Chichester, to undertake the production's script table read in the morning. We were thrilled to be joined by the amazing multi-award winning actress Kate Winslet, who brought her own special magic and extensive experience to help develop and brainstorm ideas.    No talk of Titanic, but Kate really made us all think hard about how we can make this a film to be proud of. 


And Jon, Director, will never forget Kate's words before we all sat down to start     "Don't worry Jon.  This is going to be absolutely brutal, but it will be good!!".   

In the afternoon, the crew, including DoP, Ian Coulson, joined the team to add their own special energy. Checking out the proposed shoot locations at the museum and choreographing some of the trickier scenes for camera setup, lighting and sound, logistics and the green rooms (crucial for coffee making, costume, makeup, cast prep, film rushes, kit storage,  and rain cover),  whilst chatting about cakes and costumes, cameras and microphones.

In all an amazing day, and so good to see everyone coming together to edge us closer to production.  


Script Table Read     (from left to right)

Photo by John Frost.

Bradley Hart, Harry Norton, Chris Beaumont, Mike Dodds, Callum Madill.

Hazel Stock, Angela Elise Munnoch, Meg Birley, Petrina Rodwell, Jonathan Brooker, Mark Chapman, Mark Burgess.

Lena Richardson, Kate Winslet, Jasmine Thomas, Lucy Mabbitt, Cassandra Monteiro.


 Copyright © 2024 Chichester Filmmakers 

Location Visit    (left to right)

Photo by Jakub Bors.

Jonathan Brooker, Petrina Rodwell, Mira El-Bacha, John Frost, Harry Norton, Bradlety Hart, Matt Goddard.

Jasmine Thomas, Lucy Mabbitt, Isabel Saunders.

 Copyright © 2024 Chichester Filmmakers 

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