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The Barn: Crew Calls

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Line Producer

Auditions: February / March 2024


To assist with on-location production shooting, preparations and planning, health & safety, project coordination, travel & logistics of cast and crew, management and coordination of catering, insurance, coordination of departments (wardrobe and costume, makeup & hair, off-set crew, locations, etc).

Ideally should have experience of 3+ shorts, and/or, 2 feature films, shot in the UK.

Please submit your CV, reel / show reel, and 2 references to or via ShootingPeople.

Further details can be requested by e-mailing the above address.

Hair & Makeup Artist (MUA)

Auditions: February / March 2024

A hair and makeup artist is required to work on location with the wardrobe department during shooting of the scenes from the 16th century, 18th century and 1950's scenes of this production. Production will take place in or near to Chichester, West Sussex, UK. Knowledge of the styles worn by villagers and farmers of those periods is desirable please.

Please contact or via ShootingPeople, with evidence of past production work and/or a demo reel of your work, together with 2 production references (either written or an e-mail address / phone number so that we can contact them). 

Auditions on Zoom and face-to-face in Chichester and London, will take place early in February 2024.


Costume Designer / Creator / Sourcer


A Head of Wardrobe and Costume Designer is required for our 2024 production of The Barn.  A short film production to be shot in and around Chichester, West Sussex (UK), in the Spring 2024, and requiring period villager / farmer costumes from 16th century from rural Sussex, and also 18th Century and the 1950's.

Must be able to accompany crew / cast on locations during production / possible non-line cast role.

Please provide examples and/or showreel(s) that clearly demonstrates your work, to

Post-production Editor


Editing and final edit of rushes, audio and dialogue editing, ADR, sound design, film-score, in accordance with the screenplay and Director's vision.

Should ideally have editing and colouring experience with Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Resolve Studio or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Sound and score dubbing in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Please provide references, showreel or examples of your work to

Location Sound Technician & Boom Operator

Auditions: March 2024

A sound technician or boom operator is required during Production shooting, April 15th to 18th, on location near Chichester. Equipment will be provided, but any experience of Zoom H6 or Sound Devices would be beneficial.  We have a variety of great wireless lapel and boom microphones.  You'll be working with the set sound engineer and mixer.

Please provide references, showreel or examples of your work to

Production Designer or Set Designer


A Production Designer or Set Designer is required for 4 days during shooting April near Chichester.  Ideally with knowledge of 14th century, 16th century village dwellings and props, and also of small village setting doctors surgery. 

Production Runner

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An additional runner is required to assist with travel / driving of crew, kit, actors; moving kit and supplies to and from set, assisting as grip and as required by the Production Producer.  Must have clean full UK driving license with no penalties pending.

Please provide references, showreel or examples of your work to

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