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Status: Post-Production

See The Barn at

Chichester International Film Festival,

August 2024

The Barn


A girl dressed in 14th century garb is discovered lifeless in a darkened farm barn. Adopted by the farmer and his family, the girl begins to notice something strange. She doesn't appear to age.  Upon the death of her adopted parents, she is accused of witchery and chased from the village. Some years later she is discovered again, lifeless.  Her back punctured and covered with dried blood. She is awoken by voices from a distant past and the reminder of something mysterious that she has held close all this time.  She doesn't remember her life before, but her path ahead becomes suddenly clear when a message from the King of The Vikings is revealed.

Background & Beginnings...

The Barn is a community led production with a professional industry cast and crew supported by local skills and talent.  Short film format (15 to 20 minutes run time), with local screenings scheduled during the Chichester International Film Festival, with additional screenings planned, with a view to raising additional funding for a full feature film production in 2026/27. 

Filming of The Barn took place at The Weald & Downland Living Museum, Chichester and Ford (near Arundel), West Sussex, UK in April 2024, with additional filming around Chichester during June 2024, with post-production from May to July 2024.  The entire production, from pre-production starting in October 2023, through to production, post-production and the Premiere, all undertaken in and around Chichester, West Sussex, UK.

More details will emerge here in the coming weeks of the production, screening and film festivals.

With Special Thanks for the amazing support given by the many individuals and organisations from across West Sussex, Hampshire, and beyond.   Everyone that has helped, supported, contributed, or been in the thick of this production is provided a mention below. 

We would like to make a very special mention to    

Weald & Downland Museum, Old Chapel Productions,  Let's Make Films,

     NewPark Cinema (Chichester), WildIndie Film Festival,

and particularly to

Kate Winslet

for her valuable support during pre-production


for giving us the advice and confidence to breathe life in to Chichester Filmmakers

and to pushing forward with The Barn

imdb Capture.JPG
The Barn:  Ellen Runs For Her Life

Ellen                                    Jasmine Thomas

Old Man Odin                    Mark Chapman

Father Eiren                        Callum Madill

14th Century

Father Eiren                        Callum Madill

Farmer Wiliam                    Peter McCohon

Farmer's Wife Cecilia         Meg Birley

16th Century

Alice                                    Lucy Mabbitt

Jake                                    Bradley Hart

Farmer Thomas                 Christopher Beaumont

Farmer's Wife Mary           Lena Richardson

Father Richard                   Mike Dodds

Catherine                           Hazel Stock

Agnes                                 Angela Elise Munnoch

George                               Simon Willshire

Man #1                                Mark Burgess

Girl #1                                 Leila Berry

Woman #1                          Kelly Berry

Girl #2                                 Melis Welch


Farmer Gerry                      Stewart Barham

Michael (Estate Agent)      Paul Welch

Barbara (Nurse)                  Cassandra Monteiro


Kate Winslet

Weald & Downlands Museum, Chichester  (WDM)

Saint Andrew's, Ford, Arundel

Peter Newell - Land Rover 

Old Chapel Productions, Chichester

Glad Rag Costumes, Brighton

Raindbow FX & Makeup

Chichester Festival Theatre

Chichester Community Development Trust

Clever Photography, Chichester

Shouting Sound & Motion Productions, Chichester

Coulson Media, Brighton

The Subterranean Light Company

Graded Filmss, Arundel

Mission Impossible Editorial Team, UK

DJI Drones, Chichester & USA

Neewer Lighting, UK

Lottery Heritage Fund, UK

Brandon Hire Station (Bognor Regis)

Let's Make Films, London

Chichester Cinema, NewPark

Chichester NewPark Center

Raindance Film Festival, UK

United Agents (UK)




Story and Script 

Script & Production Consultant


1st AD 

2nd AD

Storyboard Artist 

Script Supervisor 


Grip & Rigging

1st AC

2nd AC

2nd Unit Camera

2nd Unit AC

Drone Pilot & Camera

Sound Recording

Sound Boom Operator 

DIT & Data Wrangler

Art Director

Wardrobe & Costume Design

MakeUp Artist, Hair & SFX

Production Designer

Assistant Producer 

Assistant Producer

Location Manager (WDM)

Runner  / Driver

Runner / 2nd Sound Boom Op.


Runner / Camera Dept.


Preproduction Consultant - Cinematography

Behind The Scenes

Stills Photographer 1 

Stills Photographer 2 

Jonathan Brooker

Petrina Rodwell

Jonathan Brooker

Gavin Saville

Ian Coulson

Mira El Bacha

Harry Norton

Matt Goddard

Bradley Hart

Jazz Halstead

Ryan Lackenby

Oliver Davies

Gabbi Wolfe

Matt Goddard

Issie Collier

Jakub Bors

Paul Burton

Cassandra Monteiro

Josh Ilsters

Nikita Dare

Isabel Saunders

Louise Becker

Nikita Dare

Matt Goddard

Ryan Lackenby

Georgia Hockey

John Frost

Eloise Rouse

Gillian Fischer

Charlie Andrews

Fiona Metcalfe

Ivana Raicivic

Jakub Bors

Issie Collier


Associate Editor 

Assistant Editor  



Additional Composer

Sound / Mix Engineer

Lead Vocals

Production Marketing

Press & Media

Paul Burton

Grace Couzins

Josh Ilsters

River Robinson

Jonathan Brooker

Matt Summerfield

Paul Burton

Katie Brown

Rachel Gilbert

Matt Goddard

Family Finder

In Development

Copyright © 2024 Chichester Filmmakers


Folowing the sudden death of their parents, a brother and his sister continue with their own lives, but with time grow apart from from each other. One an architect, the other a renowned historian & archaeologist.  They go about their busy lives not realising that their one remaining relative is desparate to find them before time runs out and before their secret legacy is lost forever.

Short film format, with public screenings anticipated for early 2026, including film festivals, with a view to raising additional public funding for a full feature film production in 2027/28. Production shooting will be taking place in Chichester, West Sussex, UK in Autumn 2024.  Schedule to be confirmed.

In My Head

Awaiting Development Funding

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