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January 2024

Chichester Filmmakers Launch Event

27th January 2024

Roussillon Park, Chichester

Hosted By:  Petrina Rodwell and Jonathan Brooker (co-Founders)

Attended by a diverse and wide-ranging audience from the local community, Education, Film Industry, from Chichester, West Sussex, East Sussex and Hampshire.  The morning's event celebrated Chichester and the FIlm Industry with guest speaker's presenting topics including:

Adam Ethan Crow (multi-award winning writer / director) - His feature film thriller, 'LAIR' (Amazon UK)

Grace Couzins - Editorial Assistant (Paramount Studios) - talking about professional career networking, and editing workflow approach for 'Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning'

Gavin Saville (Lecturer in Film at Ravensbourne University, Director of WildIndie Film Festival, Co-Founder of Let's Make FIlms) - Talking about the many aspects of the process of Film Production from Development through Shooting and Post-Production

Supported By:  Chichester Community Development Trust  (*A Registered Charity)

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