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APRIL 2024

Chichester Filmmakers' Production Team

The formal application for Charity Status has started.    If awarded, Charity status will open the door to apply for, and, secure, public funding as a part of fulfilling our aim to provide skills development, hands-on training and career development to the local community, within actual film production projects.


Film Shoot counts down to 15th April and Shoot Day #01

13th April:  Final rehearsals and costumes checks completed for The Barn

12th April:  Final kit and equipment checks completed for cameras, lighting, rigging, sound, visual effects, costume, makeup, green room

12th April:  Final team to crew The Barn is confirmed

11th April:  Final cast is confirmed

10th April:  Final documentation is printed

9th April:  Locations and Props are confirmed

8th April:  Shoot Schedule & Shoot Script is finalised

4th April: Final storyboard is approved

Warhol features at London Independant Film Festival  (LIFF)

Directed by our good friend, Adam Ethan Crow, the award winning film is to be screened on 26th April 2024 at 9pm,

at the Genesis Cinema, London (click here for details).  

Warhol receives glowing reviews (click for details).

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